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OpinioNations 6: Hetalia Pairing Songs

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1 OpinioNations 6: Hetalia Pairing Songs on Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:39 pm

(So what song is best for each pairing?)
Other- (use a pairing that wasnt used)

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2 Re: OpinioNations 6: Hetalia Pairing Songs on Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:44 pm

UsUk- Heartbreak Warfare -Jhon Mayer
Spamano- Just the way you are -Bruno Mars
PruCan- Knew You Were Trouble -Taylor Swift
GerIta- Love Somebody -Maroon 5/ Thousand Years -Christina Perri
EstLat- Need Your Love -Ellie Golding/ Falling for You -Colbie Caliat
GiriPan- It Will Rain -Bruno Mars
DenNor- One More Night -Maroon 5
SuFin- Safe and Sound -Capital City
SebWy- Heart Attack -Demi Lavoto
Other- Everyone x World- Get Lucky -Daft Punk

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3 Re: OpinioNations 6: Hetalia Pairing Songs on Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:05 pm

UsUk- Smile- Avril Lavigne
Spamano- Someone like you- The Summer Set/Chelsea- The Summer Set
PruCan- Girl that all the bad guys want- Bowling for soup (prucan reversed sorta)
GerIta- Rhythm of love- plain white t’s (Again, with Germany being the she in this sense)
EstLat- I’d do anything- Simpleplan
GiriPan- Annie- safetysuit
DenNor- Check yes Juliet- we the kings OR Bang the Doldrums-Fall out boy
SuFin-Accidently in love-counting crows…the song from shrek
SebWy- Trouble-Nevershoutnever
Other- Aushun- She’s always a women-Billy joel

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