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OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality

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1OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality Empty OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality on Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:12 pm

(If Hetalia was a reality what characters would you pick for each of these category)
Best friend-
Mutual friend-

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2OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality Empty Re: OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality on Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:16 pm

Best friend- My beshty would prob be Italy because we're so alike~!
Crush-I've always loved Germany~! ^///^
Enemy- Nah I don't think I'd have an enemy
Mutual friend- Prob England
Tutor- I think I'd go with Japan lol
Parent- Spain acts like my dad, plus he'd be a perfect dad~! Very Happy
Sibiling- I've always wanted an older bro like Prussia! >Very Happy
Stocker- I could see France being my stocker for some reason.... But seriously who wouldn't? o.o'

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3OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality Empty Re: OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality on Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:49 pm

Best friend- America<3 we are both loud and obnoxious and we eat all the TIME! we'd bond over our mutual love of food and pranks and running around like a dog on catnip:) and then we'd play some sports and video games and I'd make him watch horror movies but then I'd piss myself cause I'm sooooo freaking scared! *Takes a deep breath*
Crush- Canada~! love the shy ones but then again I like LOVE MY LITTLE ARISTOCRAT Austria! He'd play piano nod i'd song along badly! I'd heart him forever!!!!!
Enemy- Russia....mostly based on America's influence buy I don't trust such a Yandere they are fawking scary as fawk.
Mutual friend- Romaina just cause^v^ I love the little devil
Tutor- in school, Estonia:) in style Poland... Need some hipster pink in my life....clearly
Parent- Germany... Like my father, he's all quiet and stern but he can't say jack when I go downstairs and he's watching dancing with the stars... Cept with Germany he bakes me a goddamn cake.
Sibiling- Romano!!! I wish I had an over protective sibling man...they all don't CARE lol pity party of 1 anywho I could also curse like a mother and not get scolded Yay! That or Hungary! Oh lord all the shenanigans and teachings I would get lol
Stocker- my stalker... Oh jeez that would have to be Iggy cause he's just curious about my resistance to magic, that or he just wants me and my babies dead:)

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4OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality Empty Re: OpinioNations 2: Hetalia reality on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:58 pm

Best friend- Prussia cause we're both really reckless and don't give a shoop.
Crush- Switzerland
Enemy- No enemies here:)
Mutual friend- Greece
Tutor- Hong Kong
Parent- Bella's my momma<3 they're both so sweet and happy and I love them Smile
Sibiling- Nerdy big brother Estonia Very Happy
Stocker- Hmm, Hutt River just cause who wouldn't want to be stalked by him? Lol

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