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OpinioNations 9: Hetalia OTPs

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1OpinioNations 9: Hetalia OTPs Empty OpinioNations 9: Hetalia OTPs on Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:54 pm

(Gimme ur top ten)
1. GerIta (that was onvious huh? Lol I prefer Germany x Fem!Italy)
2. EstLat (ah it's so adorbes~! X3 I like Estonia x Fem!Latvia just as much)
3. Spamano (FUK YESH! I enjoy it either yaoi or hetero, don't matter who's the chick)
4. UsUk (Like Spamano I can deal with this yaoi or het. I've come to like Iggy on top tho)
5. PruHun (I hate myself for liking this paring cuz then theres PruCan!)
6. SuFin (obviously cannon!)
7. SebWy (I've seen cute pics of then together but I still kinda like SeaWy too...)
8. Giripan (I'm sorry this is at the bottom but for some reason I don't see it often enough!)
9. DenNor (best love hate realationship EVA!)
10. Iceland x Fridge (attempting to make a fanfic on this pairing! XD)

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2OpinioNations 9: Hetalia OTPs Empty Re: OpinioNations 9: Hetalia OTPs on Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:21 am

(only 10?!?!)

1. Spain x Belgium (I love it, love it to god damn death. I am so freaking in love with this pairing, cause it's so cute and Im like in the bottom percentage of people who think so too. My number one hetalia OTP forever!)
2. Spain x Netherlands (Close second. This is just hot as hell. Oh my god. Read a doujin bout these two and my ovaries imploded. Holy shit! I dunno if it's just me, but I can like sense all the sexual tension between these two.)
3. America x Canada (Haha! ^^ too cute, at one point it was my number 1 OTP, butttttt hey. It's the opposites of opposites, and somehow it just works. Maybe america is so narcissistic that he'd love to date someone with his own face but whateves, I don't hate. I love how it's so sweet and perfect for my homeland! I <3 you Cana!)
4. Germany x Prussia (Germancest for the win! Am I the only one who finds this VERY appealing? nosebleed for days)
5. Sweden x Finland (Uhm what? How can you not?)
6. Denmark x Norway (True love with a pinch of violence. Again, how can you not) 
7. Prussia x Austria (Specs!!!!!!! Now im very picky about this pairing. I will only take it if it's Nyo!Prussia and Austria. It is my favorite for gender bends. I fell in love with this two months ago, and I freaking love it to absolute death.)
8. Spain x England (SpUk took my Spamano spot for reasons...Sexy ass pirates. Excuse me as I drool. Seriously though. Hothothothothothot.
9. Prussia x Canada (Sho cyute! Love it to death)
10. America x Japan (Lol what? But it's a boss pairing. Nyo!Japan for the winnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!)

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