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OpinioNations 3: Video Games

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1OpinioNations 3: Video Games Empty OpinioNations 3: Video Games on Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:21 pm

Best by far-
Most competetive-
Best rpg-
Best app game-
Most adventure-
Best arcade game-

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2OpinioNations 3: Video Games Empty Re: OpinioNations 3: Video Games on Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:30 pm

Best by far- Kingdom Hearts, I love that game so much~!
Scariest- I friggin hate Slender T.T
Competetive- All the Nario Parties, I always feel like my family wants to kill me during that game...
Best rpg- Ao Oni: scary as hell, but I love it! And Walking Dead cuz u really get into it!
Dumbest- All Star Foxes after Star Fox 64
Best app game- Temple Run and Minion Rush @-@
Most adventure- Minecraft~ ya never know what zombies behind ya~!
Hardest- Brain Age kills me X.X
Best arcade game- Pac-Man gets addictive after 10 quarters
Funniest- I love Facade XD

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3OpinioNations 3: Video Games Empty Re: OpinioNations 3: Video Games on Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:36 pm

Best by far- Tales of the Abyss
Scariest- Dead Space
Most competetive- Mario party (ANY, omg this game with friends is the worst)
Best rpg- Fallout 3
Dumbest- Dora’s ballet adventure…..
Best app game- Rayman 2 (Alll the freaking way!)
Most adventure- OKAMI!!!!!!
Hardest- Final Fantasy III
Best arcade game- Dance Dance Revolution
Funniest- Sissy’s magical ponycorn adventure (Just watch pewds play this… I cried from laughing so hard)

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