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1OpinioNations 1: Anime Empty OpinioNations 1: Anime on Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:57 pm

(Put what anime you think is best for each catergory~!)

Most kickass-
Most perverted-
Most kawaii-
Most emotional-(Like an anime that gives you the feels/makes ya cry)
Most realistic- (An anime you could see being real life)
Best in dub-
Better in sub-
Most confusing- (Like an anime that didn't make any sense)
Dumbest by far- (An anime you suggest no one should watch, it's okay if you don't put anything for this caregory)


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2OpinioNations 1: Anime Empty Re: OpinioNations 1: Anime on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:19 pm

Most kickass- Attack on Titan
Most perverted- Negima
Most kawaii- kaichou wa maid-sama hands down... I can't go 5 minutes without going "Hothothothothothot" or "Wahh!!! Usui!!!!
Most emotional- koi kaze
Most realistic- Working!!
Scariest- higurashi when they cry 
Best in dub- full metal alchemist: brotherhood
Better in sub- zero no tsukaima (you don't even have to watch it just look up the original and watch like 5 seconds then look up the familiar of zero and watch the first ten seconds...no)
Most confusing- Evangeleon 
Dumbest by far- mermaid melody...just no

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3OpinioNations 1: Anime Empty Re: OpinioNations 1: Anime on Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:26 pm

Most kickass-High School of the Dead XD
Most perverted-Between Chobits and Baka and Test
Most kawaii-Tokyo MewMew X3
Most emotional-AngelBeats!
Most realistic-Clannad
Scariest- Death Note (Ryuk creeps me out -~-)
Best in dub-Hetalia (I love how they use the accents~!)
Better in sub-Fruits Basket (I hated in dub, Toru and Yuki's voice could've been better ._.)
Most confusing-Mushi (I'm like, "Huh?")
Dumbest by far- Vampire Knights (It's just another version of Twilight...)

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