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Steps to becoming a member

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1Steps to becoming a member  Empty Steps to becoming a member on Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:26 am

1- Register
2- Send Otaku info
3- Time to make ur profile! (Go to members and then how to make a profile) and create ur OC profile if u have some! (Btw older members, u can go in and edit ur profiles if you want)
4- Start chatting
5- When u feel ready, start rping! (Ur probs gonna have to figure out a way to jump in if there is already an rp going on)
6- If u continue to b a member and participate regularly, u get promoted to #Awesomeness! (Aka ur name turns purple)

Extra: (things that u don't have to do)
1- Suggest pairings (under members then pairings)
2- Participate in OpinioNations
3- Share ur links
4- Join in on the freetime rps
5- Sub characters
6- Headcannons
7- Submit contests
8- Other random shit Very Happy

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