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Da rules! :D

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1Da rules! :D  Empty Da rules! :D on Wed May 01, 2013 7:20 pm

[EDITED: 6/18/14]
Hi! Admin here! I suppose now that you've seen this forum you want to join up right? Well here are da rules!

-Do not share personal info
-NO bashing without reasonable reason!
-No pornography or sexual themes
-This forum is not your diary -_-
-Keep squids out please
-Keep it PG-13ish
-Links to porn sites are no go
-Don't SPAM! (That stuff is gross!)
-Newbies need to feel welcomed! Smile
-Follow basics, DUH!
-No stealing account info, manipulating system, or hacking
-No promoting other websites or forums pwease!
-Please know how to RP your character, I cannot stress that enough -.-'
-Limited 4-5 characters (New rule, I've decided to change the way we sort of roleplay a bit so then everyone can have a chance to be a different character each time)
-Cannot play a character twice unless no one else wants it
-If it's not M, it's T
-Swearing and randomness is allowed ;D
-Normality is banned! >Very Happy

Member info:
I think you're allowed to make one, if so don't make it your real name or character you RP as. Come up with your own supa awesome nickname!

DO NAT SHARE THAT INFO! Beware hackers!

How to become member-
Please contact admin with this info:
-Where you found info on this forum
-Any questions (Though that can be added to FAQ)

Register then contact me!
Story style-
It's like writing a sort of story! I've started to like and use this type more because it's practice for those of us that are writers~!

Ex: "Herro!" Said Japan

Script style-
*= Indicates action
: - = What character says or does
You can also use emoticons to show character expression.

Italy: *Hugs Germany* Ti amo Germania!
Germany: V///V

When chatting as yourself use these  ()
That way we know it's you talking and not your character(s)

Ex: (Hey dudes! Razz)
Italy: Ve~!

Roleplay rules:
(I've decided to go by the roleplaying rules of my other forum which I think is a little better than what we had originally.)

You can use them whenever you please but there is a limit of characters now so just be aware of that. OCs need to have background info so we know what they're like! (Select "OC Profiles")

We have done a Gakuen AU and reality AU in the past so yeah we can totes do it if anyone wants to.

Gender bend-
You can choose to have your characters gender bent if you want and can change them back. (By use of magic of course)
If someone has their character gender bend, you can't use the original gender of the character!

Let's only have 2ps in certain roleplays okay?

All are accepted!
-Selfcest (if u can make it possible then go for it! Like maybe we could do 2ps and regulars sometime idk)
-Character x Object (Yep go for it XD)

Everyone must agree with the pairings used in an rp!

Smut is only allowed when an rp is rated M. Small things like making out sessions and kisses are allowed in reg rps tho. :3

Relationships are of course allowed but can't happen right off the bat unless planned in the rp.

M-preg is allowed

Pregnancy should last 3-9 months rp world and 3-9 weeks our world

Marriage is a go and we can totes rp everything that goes with it!

Babehs are considered OC. If you have a child in the RP, it does NOT mean you have to get rid of a character you have. (DON'T BE HAVING A MILLION BABIES THOUGH!) Though since this might happen between two RPers, you need to decide who gets to RP as the kid. Oh yeah, DO NOT DESCRIBE THE BIRTH! SKIP IT! Find a micro nation for the baby.

Pregnancy can happen between all pairing types and can also happen in an rp or before it like in a family AU or something but it has to be planned between rpers please!

Request rp topic:
Send this info to me thro PM-
Type- (rp, one on one, ofc time, cross over)
Topic- (anime/manga/show/etc)
Subject- (what's going on exactly, like an event or party. If ur not sure just put N/A)
Rating- (M or T)
Votes- (who also wants to do this. One other person for one on one and 2 others for any other types)

The rest will be discussed!

M rating-
If u want smut in the rp or excessive amount of gore choose this as ur rating!

For anyone that wants to rp privately among themselves, they can always pm with another person for a role play. Very Happy (Of course, you guys probably already knew that...)

(Btw, if I'm not here, those who are here can just plan an rp among themselves.)
Members I suggest you tell us when ur checking out for a while!

If a member is gone for longer than 20 days with no excuse, we'll assume they're dead... jk (The same goes for me too guys. If I'm gone for a long time just know that something has probably occurred and I'll be back sooner or later)  

If a member is gone for a long time and rps as a character that's needed for an rp, understudying will happen. That also means that if a person disappears during an rp someone can understudy.

Contest rules:
-Must have rules in contest description
-If it's fanfiction or drawings it can't be posted on here, link it!
-Must include a sort of prize
-No cash prizes
-More to come I guess! Very Happy

Understudy rules:
-You're only allowed to sub a character when it's desperately needed for the rp
-Please note that if u do rp this character you need to know how to rp as it and know its personality
-When the person ur subbing for returns please give them back their character! (Those of u who come back just take over the character in the rp)

Hetalia doesn't belong to any of us, we're just a simple group that rps Hetalia for fun. These characters are not ours, we can only claim the OCs but not the whole country being a person things. Characters belong to lord Hidekaz Himaruya, we praise you! Please don't sue us! Very Happy

Scenarios/situations were created by this forum, please don't copy them Smile (Unless you're a member and you ask to use one of the rps as a fanfic sort of thing)

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