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Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia

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1Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia Empty Re: Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia on Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:01 pm

"You said this would be a good place right?" Felicia suddenly got worried. What if she had heard him wrong?! Crap! She needed to listen better.

"Where's Taska?" Liz asked out of the blue wondering where her apprentice was.

Meanwhile the Latvian girl was in the bathroom staring herself down in the mirror. She was examining her newly dyed brunette hair that used to be a dirty blonde. She liked it better this way. Yes. She walked into her bedroom to change clothes.

Backstory: (Feel free to add one if you want to Snowy!) Taska used to be a lot different then she is now, she was a crybaby sweetheart of course. But then one day she got too reliant her anti-depressants and it sort of... Changed her. She became more violent and reckless which is why Elizaveta took her under her wing; Liz felt bad for her and wanted to keep her away from her high school gang that almost killed her and were the ones to get her hooked on drugs. It's extremely obvious that Taska is not herself but at this point she feels like nothing can help her anyway.

The Spaniard looked up at who had entered his room. "Bella... What have I told you about coming in here without knocking?" The dark man was cleaning his guns at the moment, looking at her with his creepy side grin.
"Is bossman pissed or something?" He began to get up, tucking his weapons away.

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2Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia Empty Re: Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia on Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:28 pm

"What did I say?" Eduard asked softly, slipping into the room with a quick nod to its occupants, standing there, a bit confused, in all of his megane glory. He was back to report, had a bit of news that the other's would probably deem important. The police have finally lost their trail after their last bust.

Giggling softly to herself, Bel slipped out of the room, bare feet padding along the carpeted floor of the hotel hallway. Her boss knew nothing of 'tact' and had rented out the most extravagant place as 'base'. Walking into the room that the others should probably be in, the blonde let the door slam against the wall as she pushed it open. "Hey, Bossman want's to see you." The silly nickname causing a slight giggle to leave her.

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3Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia Empty Re: Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia on Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:12 pm

(Sorry for not replying today, got a little busy ^^")
The Italian girl felt the wind blow through her hair as she sat on the railing of the second story balcony. She closed her eyes trying to relax in the cool breeze.

"So do you think they'll find our hiding place?" Liz leaned over the railing a bit.

"Ed said this would be the perfect place," Felicia responded, "No one, not even Roma would ever think of trying this place."

"Second floor of a pizza parlor, really?"

"Well she's never eaten here before so..."

(Doin real names yup!)

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4Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia Empty Re: Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia on Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:24 am

(Yeah it's all great! Oh jeez I haven't done this in a while, here goes nothin'. We're doing real names, yeah?)

Black heeled boots sat heavily on top of the dark wood desk, the owner of said boots reclined dangerously in her chair, crossing her feet at the ankles while tossing a hard glance at the blonde standing in the corner of the room. "Well?" the brunette asked, watching with slight interest as the girl raked her fingers through the soft blonde hair and took a couple steps forward, perching lightly on the edge of the desk.
"Nothin,'" still running her fingers through her hair, the Belgian shrugged her shoulders. "No one knows anything about what she's planning. And believe me, it took a lot of work to find out absolutely nothing." The blonde snorted, finishing off with a suggestive smirk and waved dismissively as her boss opened her mouth to say something. "I know, I'm not working hard enough, yeah? I'll get on it Bossman," She stifled a laugh behind her palm and got up to leave.
Rolling her eyes, the brunette scoffed, arms lifting to lace behind her head. "Go, get everyone, we need to have a little chat."

(merp, kinda rushing, Other charries shall appear soon!)

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5Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia Empty Snowy/Otaku: AU: Fanciulle d'Italia on Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:40 pm

(Hehe creative title translates to Maidens of Italy. I'll go first I guess.)

Two sisters, both of the same blood, once lived happily together. But then one day turned against each other when divorce broke them apart and the death of their grandfather brought sudden unhappiness. Both became violent and fought among only themselves in two different gangs. In Italy's darkest time of both north and south, they became known as the Maidens of Italy: The greatest mob bosses in all the land.

(Hope my wacky intro is okay! Btw I'm going to start using story style, hope you don't mind. And you don't have to if you don't want to.)

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