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HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTAKU!!!!!!!!!!<333333333333:DDDDDDD

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Happy birthday, girl!
Did you think we forgot? I made sure to do some recon and even try to get the rest of the girls to come on today, if only to wish you a happy birthday!
I'm so happy that we've met, you are an awesome ray of interwebz sunshine and you've made my day time and time again.
I love how we can pretty much chat about anything and everything, not to mention that you're a top RPer as well.
Hell I love our whole little Hetaawesome family, and its all thanks to you that we've all met :3
I wish you all the best in High school, and i hope you get everything that you wanted for you birthday!
Love ya lots

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Happy birthday, Ms. OtakuNeko :3!
Happy 15th, I hope you have the best birthday of birthdays that one can possibly have.(well until you're 21 :3) I also hope that we can all come back to Rp with you just like old times Razz Anywho, have an awesmazing day with amazing cake and presents. Again, Happy Birthday!

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Omg I didn't think u guys knew it was my birthday! XD and when I came home from school today I was so surprised! Ah u little shits! ;u; I luv u guys and I'm glad we met and hopefully we get back to rping when school doesnt get in the way! I love u guys so much! Thank you! X3

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