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What the hell is this?!

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1What the hell is this?!  Empty What the hell is this?! on Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:08 pm

So as you may know I like to share my opinions and like to know other's as well. So I made this thing! I was just really curious about what others thought about certain things and polls kind of limit you by:
1. I don't know who has that opinion
2. Can't make as much choices

This is how it's gonna work:
-Person will create a topic
-There will be several categories in the topic and you gotta pick what your choice is in each category
(You probably don't get it do ya? ^^")

I'll post one of these "OpinioNations" later k? I hope you all enjoy it! (Even non-members ;D)

-Otaku :3
(Heheh it's funny how OpinioNations sounds like Open-In-Nations XD)

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