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Pairings week: Estonia x Latvia/DenNor

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1Pairings week: Estonia x Latvia/DenNor  Empty Pairings week: Estonia x Latvia/DenNor on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:17 pm

Estonia x Latvia.... Idk why I like this pairing but I do lol. It combines cool and nerdy with shy and idiotic! In a way these two have known each other for a long time it seems, and they seem close. Plus they probably celebrate Christmas together with their damn Christmas cookies and mochis! I personally like Estonia x Fem!Latvia tho because I adore Fem!Latvia's pigtails~! She's so cute and shy and is naturally spacey like me! ^^

DenNor makes me laugh sometimes cuz it's a love hate realationship that pretty much everyone loves! Denny can always be replaced as the seme tho, Norway can totally top too! And if Denmark doesn't let him... Well lets just say a certain troll will be attacking no? XD

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2Pairings week: Estonia x Latvia/DenNor  Empty Re: Pairings week: Estonia x Latvia/DenNor on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:28 pm

I love nerds...end of story.
Lol Jk. NO, i love this pairing cause, i dunno. I can just imagine all the cute pictures Estonia has of Latvia on his blog. And i love how Estonia always sells Liet out instead of Latvia when Russia's calling. It's just cute, like ovary imploding cute.

Seme!Norge make's my life. I love how all the Nordics use nicknames for eachother <3 and thing is, you know that Norge totes loves him...like come on. Fangirls are the best at reading Tsundere like characters. I also love how he refers to Den as his annoying big brother(Anko) C-U-T-E!

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