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Pairings week: Giripan, Spamano, USUK, GerIta

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1Pairings week: Giripan, Spamano, USUK, GerIta Empty Pairings week: Giripan, Spamano, USUK, GerIta on Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:12 pm

(Yeah sorry I missed a whole bunch of posting days ^^" same thing as last time btw)
I like Giripan because it's like two quiet characters that like cats that get together. Japan and Greece were meant to be! No interferance with Turkey please!

Well Spamano and Fem!Roma x Spain is like combining two opposites together which makes it perfect! A happy-go-lucky one and an angry bi-polar one! I personally like Fem!Roma x Spain better because I like it when Spain's with a chick ya know? Especially a hot headed one! XD

Well I know everyone loves USUK, it's a pairing that shouldn't be but is! I like it though sometimes it can get a little over board if you know what I mean lol. Though I just have to say... IGGY CANNOT TOP! NEVER!

GERITA! I LURV IT SO MUCH! X3 Though for some reason I like Fem!Italy x Germany better because when Feli's a girl she's stronger and can kick ass much more than her male counterpart. But no matter what I still like the yaoi pairing! Italy is the seme in the realationship but the uke in bed, that's what I always say lol. Plus another reason why I like this pairing is because I believe Germany = HRE, that way Ita can be with his childhood lover~!

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I adore Giripan! Half because I am part Greek and half because it is so cutee! Like Greece is hot as hell and you expect him to be like a muscle man but he's so soft-spoken and gentle perfect for Japan. Also cats that is all. I remember when they were trying to see japan mad and I kyaa'd into a puddle Very Happy ^v^ good times.

SPAMANO!!!!! my effin OTP SECOND ONLY TO SPAIN X BELGIUM. So dysfunctional but it just works, just because. And I can see it happening in cannon since spain proposed and everything. But I like the drama that comes with Spamano. Like cause of Roma's religion the Yaoi pairing is so scandalous^^! I love doing Spain x nyo!Romano x nyo!Belgium or the same thing with regular Belgium and Roma the best 3combo or love triangle!!! So good!

I love Seme!England in this pairing or Pirate!/Punk!England. I can easily see this being cannon too! It's adorbs. I like anything with the FACE family. But USUK rocks but I like it in an au setting more than in the actual cannon series.

Gerita, I'm kinda iffy on. When I first started the series I was so for it. But then I discovered Germacest and I melted. But anywho I love it nonetheless ita brings out the best in Germany and I totes support Germany being the holy roman empire, cause it made a lot of sense. But I can't imagine little Feli with anyone else. In short I love it!

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Both Greece and Japan are cat lovers and the chances of seeing them in a fight are rare due to how laid-back Greece is and how polite Japan is. Because of their personalities, the two get along well. Their relationship is even hinted to be semi-canon in the manga and possibly the anime as Greece even invites Japan to take a nap with him.

They have probably one of the most unhealthy relationships in Hetalia, but dayum it's prob the most passionate as well. Even though Spain is super oblivious and Romano is in such denial, it all comes together in the end. In one sweet mediterranean un breakable goo-ness. And Spain needs to realize 'three free meals and a nap with pasta' isn't a 'no' to his marriage proposal!

This pairing is just too adorable. Not just that, but some say England and America have a "special relationship". And not just Hetalia-wise. This pairing made me fall in love with yaoi. I didn't really like yaoi before, but this couple... is totally awesome. Besides, war-wise, we will always help the British and the British will always help us. Sweet, isn't it?

Germany and Italy are adorable together and you can't deny it. Like honestly. Italy is adorable, always making trouble. And Germany gets annoyed at him, yeah. But it's evident that Germany has a huge soft spot on the inside for Italy <3 Plus with the whole Germany=Holy Roman Empire theory (even if you don't believe it this pairing still has backing). They belong together forever. Plus the pairing unlike a lot of other pairings actually has a base and isn't ridiculous.

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I totes agree with you girl on Like everything. Omgosh <3 But if someone asked me to marry them and they told me that... i'd be quite bummed and a little confused... Poor Spain~

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True, but Lovi is like the master Tsundere, it's to be expected. But then again Spain is as observant as a pile of bricks so i guess it makes sense Razz I always sit there when I'm reading the manga like "Just kiss already!" The sexual tension is so freaking thick you can only cut it with a chainsaw....

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Lol, I agree! but their both so stupid... Sigh, like that level of ignorance of feelings is astounding to me. So i have to go calm down with some SuFin where they're not dancing around eachother....

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Cute...It's so goddamn cute with a capital Q lol. Just like, "You're my wife okay? okay, good" But it's true, all this denial makes me annoyed.

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Yah! lets all make peace and drink beer! That's why I love Greece. Not only is he hotttttt~ but like the chillest person ever, he doesn't care for dancing around feelings. So blunt WAHHH!!

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Lol, but bluntness isn't always awesome, I mean, look at the awesome trio. All of them are way too blunt for their own good. There is a reason Hungary hits our little Gilbo so much.

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GILBO? OMG LOL to the MAX. You killed me, you really did.
No, but I guess, bluntness goes too far sometimes. Like all i can think about is Prussia(Gilbo...lol) asking Hungary if she had her boy parts and her just going like, they'll grow in when she's older... *dead* NO i am laughing so hard right now....ow

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