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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNOWY! (Yesh again I'm early >.<"")

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Well better early than never right? Hee hee ^^

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Snowy, I just wanna say... YOU'RE FRIGGIN AWESOME DUDE! It's been so much fun Rping with you so far and I'm excited for the more things we do! Especially the Spamano~ oh boy that's gonna be fun lol! Yeah sorry it's so cheezy but as I said before, I've never been known to write good b-day cards ^^". But I just want to tell you that you're sweeter than candy and a kick ass fangirl! XD

-Otaku :3
(>///< I'm sorry it's early! But I felt that I should do it now rather than later!)

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Wahhhhh! Early thank you!
Thanks Otaku! *Vitrual glomps and throws virtual cookies* can't wait to rp more toooo!

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*Virtual glomps back while eating virtual cookie* Yay! X3

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Happy Birthday Snowy!
You're the girl with the major sass and I freaking love you. You're my internet other half <3 You're too awesome for words, and I hope you have an awesome birthday and get that easy bake over you've always wanted ;D.
Heart, love

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Thanks bweezy!!! *Glomps as well, tossing more cookies* :O the OVEN!! I demand it, I want my childhood back!

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