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1OC profiles Empty OC profiles on Wed May 01, 2013 7:43 pm

OC profile format:

Real name-
Age- (Doesn't have to be accurate)
Sayings- (Like aru and ve)
Quirks- (Problems)
Food- (What food that country specializes in)
Relations- (Like family and friends)
Past life-
Special- (Anything special goes here! Like powers for example!)
Other- (Anything else you wanna share about the character)

Eye color-
Hair color-
Fav color- 
Clothing- (this doesn't have to be said) 
Curls- (and erozones if ur oc has one) 

Use copy and paste to make your own! Delete any unnecessary words btw

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2OC profiles Empty Re: OC profiles on Fri May 03, 2013 8:50 pm

Real name- Mia (pronounced meeuh or myyuh) and MOTHER OF ALL
Nation- Pangeae
Age- 6,000,000,000,000 but acts/looks like she's 21 XD
Sayings- Every swear word in every language
Quirks- Horrible parent, alcoholic, prankster, can get emotional, sometimes babies her kids!
Food- Mama's shot (A shot with every single alcohol in the world mixed in)  
Personality- Wild, lazy, somewhat crazy, perverted, and so on~!
All the countries are her kids somehow (Geographically accurate!)
The devil (Don't ask XD)
May have a demon son
Her older bro Rodinia 
Past life- Used to be a drug addict and was abused in her relationship with Earth, but she finally divorced him and started living a wild life. She secretly was living with England at one point but then left. She hasn't been seen since.... Yet.
Special- Like England, has magical powers! (Only more skilled)/ she can read the thoughts of her children and respond with her thoughts, so she has like telepathic powers
Other- She still secretly watches her children, so she always knows what's up =w=

Eye color- gold with slight flakes of silver
Hair color- olive brown with a slight tint of light brown 
Curl- has a long one the size of two rulers in the front of her head in the shape of a fish hook, she doesn't mind it though though it does bother others 
Fav color- rainbows~ oh how she loves them~
Friends- her brother is the best friend she has, but sometimes has hatred toward him cause she has to help him out of stupid situations 
Enimies- all her ex's, mostly Earth because he caused her the most pain

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3OC profiles Empty Re: OC profiles on Sun May 05, 2013 10:11 pm

Real name- Renny Neil
Nation- North Ireland
Age- 18
Sayings- Basically 'Go away' to everyone.
Quirks- She is short, so she's a bit self concious about that, and she also hates to be ignored and flips when she is.
Food- Irish potatoes
Personality- (Wow this is lengthy ...) She is usually very much underestimated, but is very smart and cunning with a quick wit as well! She has something to say all the time, and that usually leads to trouble. She is very protective of her friends and family, and gets very aggressive when they are threatened. She can be very goofy as well, but she has to be on a sugar high, drunk, or very comfortable with the person to act that way. She is a bit of a ticking timebomb, only needing one thing to set her off, but that thing has to be very bad for anything to happen, so she is generally pretty calm. She has a bit of a potty mouth, but controls it at her best and uses that sort of language only when in a bad mood. Despite everything though, she always somehow finds a way to talk her way out of trouble, but sometimes is sucked back in somehow. She is at times ignored, or at least her opinion is, and thats frustrates her a lot, so she sometimes flips out at those times. But basiccally, she is a tempermental-but-pretty-good-with-what-she-says type of girl!
Relations- England is her brother!
Past life- She was always ruled by England, but without any power. She suffered for years with him, but they eventually patched things up and are on decent terms. But during that time, she was really rebellious and hateful, more so then she is now.
Special- N/A
Other- She has a weakness for anime ...

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4OC profiles Empty Re: OC profiles on Sun May 12, 2013 6:45 pm

Real name- Dominik Stepanik
Nation- Czechoslovakia (Czech republic)
Age- 21
Sayings- “So ya know…” Usually when wanting something. [which is often] and “Oi!” and “Bastard.” He says this usually to everyone, friend’s enemies, pretty much every person he encounters. He’s like a milder version of Kyo from fruits basket.
Quirks- Czech fidgets quite a lot, even when not in an uncomfortable situation. He has a habit of swearing randomly at people for no reason what so ever. He’s prone to falling asleep randomly as well.
Food- Potato Dumplings and Loupák
Personality- On normal day’s Czech can be rather goofy and is really aloof and friendly. He can be a bit TOO friendly with the girls and other people that he finds attractive. Now, on a bad day, Czech is moody and very sassy, quick to anger and it takes a very long time before he forgives someone. He reads a lot and can usually be found in a corner of a room in Austria’s house, curled up and reading some classic literature.
Relations- Austria: Czech is Austria’s younger brother and they have a sort of problematic relationship. Their opinions on music differ quite a bit. But through all of that, they can get along…sometimes.
Hungary:  Czech is also on pretty good terms with Hungary but she kind of scares him… she scares him a lot actually.
America: He also gets along with America and is able to follow along with the North American nation’s thought process quite well. He and America are also really good drinking buddies.
Everyone else: He is friends with Germany, and the BTT, and he really hangs out with them a lot just to piss Austria off.
Past life- Czech used to be a part of the HRE before he was his own nation, and after getting involved with the 30 year war and HRE getting dissolved, Czech joined the Austrian monarch. Soon he was integrated into the Habsburg monarchy as one of its three principal parts, alongside the Archduchy of Austria and the Kingdom of Hungary. He used to be a communist nation but in 1993 it was abolished. And Now he just mooches of off his older brother.
Special-  Nothing~
Other- Like Netherlands, Czech is a bit of a lolicon :PAlso, Czech has a love for cats.... and he is ticklish...VERY ticklish, he has a cute laugh though.

Eye color-Light blue, almost periwinkle
Hair color- His hair is a light brown and is pretty short, athough his bangs are longer, sweeping across his forehead and down to his cheek bones
Fav color- Dark blue
Friends- America, the Bad Touch Trio, Denmark Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Belgium
Enemies- Sometimes, Austria, Russia,
Clothing- Usually casual clothing, although he always has a scarf that was given to him by a girl when he was younger.
Curls- Has a very Norway-like curl at the back of his head. It's about three inches long and is usually coverec by his scarf.

Use copy and paste to make your own! Delete any unnecessary words btw

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(sigh, Taco was too lazy to make this so I did it for her -_-

Real name-RJ (His real name is too long) and UNCLE OF ALL

Nation-Rodinia (the nation that existed before Pangea)
Age- he'd rather not say, but he acts like he's 21-23
Sayings- "that's smexy~!" and "sis help meeeeeeeee~!" he tends to say those things often for some reason
Quirks- a total perv, daredevil guy that's not afraid to get his ass kicked but it can get him into trouble, very touchy feely, and has a weakness for beautiful chicks (that have already been taken by someone)
Food-food, nuff said. 
Personality- Once again perverted, very caring toward his sister but always expecting her to get him out of trouble, lazy, total alcoholic, flirty, somewhat of a jerk, and wild like his sis

he's the uncle of all countries somehow (once again geographically accurate)
He may or may not have a kid of his own

Pangea is his little sis 

Past life- after he dissolved as a responsible country, he had nothing better to do than get totally drunk and do absolutely stupid stuff. But then when he heard Pangea dissolved and was told never to see her kids again he got pissed off at Earth, sadly their fight didn't last long cause he kinda got his ass kicked off the face off the Earth. But he snuck back in being able to live a wild life with the rest of the people. Later on he actually managed to meet the other countries without them actually knowing it, he stocked some of the girl countries for quite some time even though their his nieces. He still does the same stuff everyday but still hasn't been known to the other countries as their uncle.... Yet.

Special- has magical powers as well, but doesn't use them as wisely

Other- he's a sly dog when it comes to sneaking women out of their boyfriends arms, don't ask me how he does it


Eye color- silver with slight flakes of gold

Hair color- olive brown with a slight tint of dark brown 

Friends- his sis cause she helps him out of his situations, but they have their fights 

Enimies- he's tried to beat up all his sis's ex's 

Fav color- gold cause it's symbolizes wealth which he doesn't have much of 

Curl- he has a small one that's barely noticeable it only pops up when he's really pissed off 

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