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REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013

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526REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013  - Page 22 Empty Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:29 pm

The blob curled up under the sheets groaned as his phone went off, buzzing and vibrating beside him. He’d definitely see what it was later, right now, all the young Italian wanted to do was sleep. But, unfortunately Seborga blinked awake as he also heard something crash against the wall. Slowly, the youngest Italian got up and trudged over to Romano’s room, not knowing what had happed to him…er her, he knocked lightly on the door, opening it slightly. “Fratello?” he asked, stepping lightly into the room and looking over at the bed.

Similar things happened in Greece, the personification of the nation rolled over in his bed as his phone vibrated but didn’t wake up. One of the cats on his bed, batted at the shiny device until he batted it away and hit Greece straight in the forehead. The sleepy nation blinked away, green eyes searching until he picked up the phone in his hands. He looked at it and promptly went back to sleep, his phone gripped tightly in his hand.

Estonia groaned as he realized that his phone wasn’t on vibrate, instead, it rang out loudly, startling the Baltic. He picked it up and looked at the message confused. He read it probably three times before he got up and trudged to the room, Latvia had in the Russian’s house. “Hey, Latvia, are you awake in there?” he asked, placing his glasses onto his face.

Norway, didn’t wake up to a phone ringing, he woke up to the sound of something being smashed to bits. He groaned and got up slowly, mumbling to himself. “Anko, you’re so loud.” He padded across the floor and looked to the couch where he saw Denmark smashing his phone to bits. Sighing loudly “Now, what the hell was that for?” He asked irritably.

Spain was already awake and he smiled as he picked up the phone and read the text. “Oh? A world meeting, today?” The oblivious nation grinned, as he started to get dressed. “Such short notice though. I wonder what happed.” He muttered to himself. “Maybe I’ll go pick up my cute little Roma before I go.” He chirped and already began to leave, not suspicious in the slightest.

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527REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013  - Page 22 Empty Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:20 pm

(I'ma sub a character for Taco since it's needed, she won't mind)
Italy: Mhm... *Mumbling*I don't wanna go to training.... *Completely unaware of the situation*

Pangaea: *Excitedly spinning in her chair at the address* Weehee! I'm so excited to see my lil chillens again!

Rodinia: *Rolls eyes sitting in the chair next to his sis* Not so little anymore... Really not little at all... *Looking at pictures of the girl countries* They grow so fast...

Pangaea: *Eyebrows furrow* Shuddup! They're little to me! *Doesn't realize what he's doing, and keeps spinning in her chair* I wonder who'll be first, probably one of the smaller nations!

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England was sitting on his terrace sipping at a cup of tea, and watching the sun rise. his phone vibrating in his coat pocket, startled him. He slowly pulled it out and read the text. “Just what the bloody hell is this?” He said to no one in particular before calming down. Should he go? Probably, it could be important for all he knew. He then called the rest of the Allies, sure it was early, but he wanted to know if he was the only one to receive such a message.

Canada was curled up on her couch, unaware of the um changes in her body, she rolled over as her phone starts blasting the national anthem but she covers her head with the blankets, not in the mood to get up. But then again she was curious to see who needed her at this time of day.

Denmark was too busy being hung over to bother to answer his phone, instead of ignoring it, like a normal person, he smashed it to bits with his battle axe. Problem solved.

Czech glared at the phone and got up, none of the paranoid shit that everyone else was feeling. He got up and wrapped his scarf around his neck, before hopping on the closest jet and flying off to the indicated address.

Germany groaned as the phone beeped annoyingly on the bedside table and reached out with the arm that wasn’t under Italy and flipped it open, reading the message. His blue eyes widened and he stared at it. “Italien.” He said softly, shaking her shoulder too tired to revert to English, his mind was in gear and he needed to know just what the hell this was about.

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Roma was fast asleep with blankets and sheet hiding her dozy face. She was finally sleeping peacefully with no problem but then a vibrating sound came from the her pillow. She angrily grabbed her cell phone and threw it against the wall thinking it was something else, "FUCK OFF!" She yelled and then went back into her sleep.

Latvia was asleep as well not realizing that there was something different about him... Or as of now her. A small tone went off on her phone but she thought it was part of her dream.

Japan was reading manga being in his own little isolated world. He didn't mind loneliness, it was the time he got the most peace of course, but suddenly his phone rang indicating a text. Reading it, he raised an eyebrow, "How unusar...". He decided he'd take care of it later, after he finished reading this shonen, it was so good!

Italy of course was sleeping in Germany's bed, cuddling him as if he were her snugly teddy bear. Of course the lazy Italian was not going to wake up to a text, not when it was so early in the morning, well at least for her.

(I hope I did it right! >.<)

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(Er sorry for the dumb title guys~! ^^" Couldn't be creative there. But anyway, for those of you who arrive late just invade when the time comes! And please just follow along with what I'm doing!)

All the countries received an unusual message from an unusual person, it seems so out of the blue but she decided it was time to do something about it. So she sent a letter, email, and text to all of them saying this:
Dear fellow countries,
I invite you to join for a world meeting at this address, [Insert random address here]. If you're wondering who I am, well you're just gonna have to find out~! Those of you who don't come are ass holes! See ya soon~!


Now she felt confident and that she would be reunited with her countries once more. Even if they didn't remember her, she would still try to patch things up.

(Alright guys again OCs are welcomed! And you probably figured out what I am doing now huh? I kinda wanted to be obvious lol, ALRIGHT HAVE AT IT! Sub characters too btw! I'll reply with my characters in a sec!)

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