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REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013

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476 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:30 pm

(Nevah fear, Breezy is here!)

Germany: A-alright… *Looks out of the window as he hears something land on his property* Oh no… *Cringes as he sees the three walk across the lawn* Hurry up Italy, they’re here.
England: Bloody idiot, are you going or not? *Growls into phone, clearly not in the mood*
Canada: H-huh? *Doesn’t notice anything odd about his voice* Aus-Australia, what? It’s me, Canada.
Denmark: Nah Fin, you're not interrupting anything. You can just come to the meeting with us. We can catch up on the way *Gets up, and stretches, it is to be noted, that's he's only clad in a pair of loose sweatpants*

Czech: *Is glad that there are other people here, he might not have to murder everyone*

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477 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:13 pm

Estonia: *He looks wary as he walks in, making sure to lead the way* Uhm, hello. *Sighs in relief seeing how other nations are here as well*

Greece: We'll never find someone like that... *He looks up as the two come in* Then again, maybe we...have

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478 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:08 pm

Latvia: Y-Yeah I guess... *Hoping on the inside Russia isn't here yet*

Japan: *Looks over at him* Hmm possibry... We need someone to distract her in some sort of conversation, that way she won't be focused on us...

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479 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:03 pm

Estonia: *They find themselves on a plane and at the meeting in no time flat* This is it…. You ready to go in?

Greece: *Looks around slightly, noticing a brooding Czech* will he do?

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480 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:57 pm

Latvia: *Stops shivering, she smiles with slight pink tint in her cheeks* Oh good! *She skips over to the cash register paying for her clothes, then returns with her smile still on her* Shall we go to the meeting now?
(Once again, skip~?)

Japan:*Slightly nervous* Um uh I don't rearry know what to do...*Gets an idea* Is there anyone like her? Maybe they can get her to get away from us...

Pangaea: *Being quirky as usual*

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481 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:50 pm

(Lool! He’s not that straightforward~ lol ^v^d)
Estonia: *Well, Estonia fights the very strong urge to pull out his camera to take countless pictures and put them on his blog* Uhm… *He looks down and back up again with a small smile* You look..ah, really nice Latvia.

Greece: Who, knows?... she said she knew my mother*Tries to hide behind Japan’s shoulder as he is thoroughly creeped out by her * Hey..Japan save me

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482 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:42 pm

Latvia: *After taking some time to look in the mirrior- she feels a little self concious- she finally gain the courage to go out of the dressing room. She walks up to Estonia blushing* H-how do I look? *She shivers slightly*

Japan: *Follows Greece* Hai, I agree, she seems very unurar... *Pulls up a chair for him and Greece* I wonder if she's terring the truth though...

Pangaea: *Waves stupidly at them with a retarded smile on her face*

Japan: *Frowns slightly* Very unusuar...
(Omg for a sec I thought that said grabs Japan's waist under Greece and I was all like "Whoa going a little fast aren't we Greece~?" Lol XD)

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483 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:33 pm

Estonia: *He waits, like a good little boy, albeit awkwardly. He sees a sign for electronics and his heart yearns to escape into familiarity...but like a good little boy, he waits*


Greece: *Grabs Japan’s wrist after nodding spacily to Pangaea and leads him over to a chair*…She’s scary

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484 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:12 pm

Latvia: *Thinking: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!* Uh I'm going to go try them on and then pay. Just wait here okay? *Heads to the dressing room grabbing the right sized bra before going in and changing*

Romana: *Looks at his hand carelessly and walks down by herself* Fuck off, I don't need your help bastard.
(Uh I think we need to wait for Breezy for a sec)

Pangaea: *Looks pissy* I finally got past my ex's sucurity! He's such an ass hole when it comes to me visiting! *Whispering* Just tell 'im we're here k?

Japan: *Doesn't really know who "him" is* Hai..? *Thinking: Who is this woman?*

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485 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:59 pm

Estonia: *He looks rather uncomfortable, but he nods* Sure… It’s just for now anyways, we can get some more after… *By now, he’s staring at the flashing exit sign, looking anywhere but Latvia*

Spain: Alright we’re coming. You’re really impatient aren’t you~? *He opens the door and walks down the collapsible stairs. He looks back at Romana and grins, holding out his hand for her* Do you need help~?

Seborga: *He laughs at her haughtiness* Well little Wy, it would seem like we were all invited. *Follows his sister and the Spaniard off of the plane* Must be something good, huh?

Greece: *He nods once he can breathe again* …yes. I still don’t really understand…I mean...why now?

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486 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:29 pm

(Huh that's weird... ill see what I can do about this... sorry about that everyone! Sad )
Latvia: still? * she sighs and grabs a random skirt and shirt* uh h-how about these?

Romana: *quickly runs to the door and waits anxiously and angrily* come on come on!

Japan: *notices Greece's suffering* u-uh miss Pangaea I think you are kirring Greece-san....

Pangaea: *notices* oh! *lets go* sorry I have a tight grip when I'm excited. *laughs slightly and turns to Japan* well I know you like your space Kikuyu. *takes out a hand to shake*

Japan: *on the inside relieved* arigato... *shakes back polietly* its nice to meet you...

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487 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:33 pm

(Yea, i couldn't get on for a while)

France groans and really just decides to go along with whatever the hell it is that England is spouting. “Of course I have. Quite odd notice right?” He asks, just saying whatever, not even sure if what he’s saying is correct.

Australia frowns in confusion, since when did Canada have a girlfriend? “Uh, G’morning, is Cana….” He paused and almost slapped himself. What was he doing? He didn’t know if this was a regular human girl, and he wasn’t about to tell some chick that her boyfriend was a nation. He thought hard about Canada’s human name, but he was having a hard time remembering it. He was quiet for a moment before he groaned out. “M-Matthew, is Matthew there?”

Trying her best to sound mature, Wy took a deep breath, “Hello Seborga.” She greeted. “I was invited to a world meeting.” She bragged, sounding mighty haughty. “I bet you’re extremely jealous, no need to lie I know it’s true.” Wy said as she took to getting properly dressed while she fixed her hair. She had to look good for her big day.

Finland, just stares. His blue eyes are filled with amusement. “You two are seeming to be getting along much better.” He states and then answers the question. “Me? I was just coming to visit…although maybe I have come at a time that is inconvenient to you. Would you like me to leave?”

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488 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:43 pm

(oooohhh, I dunno...:S the servers had been down for a couple of hours both today and yesterday maybe that's why)

Estonia: *He looks around in bewilderment, totally out of his comfort zone* U-Uhm... *Glances at Latvia* small?...extra small maybe...?

Spain: *Grins and sits back, his hands raised in defense* Ah, Si, Si. *He glances out of the window and smiles some more* Look Roma, we're here! *Gets up as the plane lands* 

Greece: *He tries to wriggle out of her hug after there is no more air in his lungs* G-grandmother? *He glances at Pangea first for conformation then back to japan for help*

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489 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:31 pm

Latvia: *looks nervously at the store* uh y-yeah I guess... *walks into the store and starts looking through clothes* what size do you think I am?

Romana:*she pushes him off* g-get off me bastard! *she sighs angrily looking back out the window, not saying anything for a little while* I guess you're right... But that's no need to celebrate!

Japan: *raises an eyebrow slightly* uh are you countries too...?

Pangaea: *looks extremely happy and runs to them* why Yesh! I'm the great Pangaea! Mother of all! *stops for a second and faces Greece* except for you... I'm your grandmother. But I'm still your mother's mother! HUGS! *grips Greece in a death clenching hug*

Rodinia: *rolls his eyes in frustration, he really wanted a girl*
(Huh where is everyone? O.o)

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490 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:40 pm

~at le mall~
Estonia: *He looks around, a bit confused and starts walking towards the first store he sees selling women's clothing* This one seems good to start in, don't you think Latvia?

Spain: *The smallest of frowns sits on his face* I'm sure Feli doesn't hold it against you, you must of had a....um.. *Strained smile* a decent reason to be pointing a gun in her direction. And, you said it yourself, it was an accident. *He hugs her, knowing that she'll react badly, but he wants to comfort his little Roma* Talk to Feli about it, I'm sure she knows that you didn't mean it right? She knows you better than everyone right?

Greece: Ah, thank you... *Walks in, and he looks up, noticing the three in the room and he gives a quizzical smile*…are you the ones that called the meeting?

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491 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Fri Jul 05, 2013 4:00 pm

Latvia: *Blushes* O-oh thank you. *Smiles slightly* Shall we be going?
(Can we just skip to the mall for Latvia and Estonia Snowy? :3)

Romana: *Rolls her eyes and takes a breath not daring to look him directly in the eyes, she mumbles her words* I-I shot Feli in the leg... On accident... *Her guilty look returns* H-how could I do that to my own sorella...

Japan: Hai! *Opens the door for Greece*

Pangaea: *Looks toward the door excitedly* Someone's here~!

Rodinia: *On the inside hoping it's a chick*

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492 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:24 pm

Estonia: Coming! *He fixes his shirt as he opens the door and blushes a little as he looks at her* You…you look nice Latvia. *He offers her a smile*

Spain: Doesn’t sound like nothing…come on, tell boss Spain what’s on your mind. *He smiles softly at her*

Greece: …It is. *Nods and gestures to the door* Shall we go.. in?

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493 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:20 pm

Latvia:*changes into her usual clothes examining herself in the mirror, she didn't look half bad but her messy hair was still in the way* Hmm... *She uses two rubber bands to make pigtails* It's not bad... I'll ask Estonia... *Goes back to his room and slowly knocks* H-Hey Estonia are you ready?

Romana: *Nervous* Well I- *Shakes her head angrily* I-it's nothing! Now shut the fuck up!

Japan: Oh konichiwa Greece-san! *Bows* It's nice zhat we found each other.

Italy: *Gets up and smiles* Okay~! *Gives him a peck on the cheek* I'll be back! *Grabs her shopping bags and runs into the bathroom to get changed*

Pangaea: *Looks over her bro's shoulder* Hey! You better not be tryin to hit on my kids!

Rodinia: *Chuckles* No~ of course not sis~! *Grins*

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494 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:28 pm

Norway: *as he kicks him again* That's the point. *he looks up almost apologetically at Finland and tilts his head, asking the same question 'cept silently*

Seborga: *He watches the two go back and forth and sighs, crossing one leg over the other* you two are hopeless...*His hand goes to his pocket as the phone rings and he answers with a smile* Hello!

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495 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:38 am

England: *Rolls his eyes* Listen up frog face; I don’t have time for this. The world meeting, did you get a message about it?

Germany: *Ruffles her hair slightly* Don’t worry Italy, I’m sure you two will make up and be back to normal. Anyway, get ready; they’ll probably be here soon.

Canada: *Her eyes widen as her phone rings and she slowly reaches out for it* H-hello? *clears her throat slightly*

Denmark: *Groans* Norge let up will ya? You’ll leave a bruise. *Sits up and blinks as he notices Finland just standing there* Hey Fin! What brings you down here? *Is his usually cheery self*

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496 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:26 pm

(sorry I'm so late.... And do you mind if I do story style for maybe three more posts, till I get comfortable?)

There was one thing that the Frenchman didn't do. And that one thing was to wake up before noon without reason. So when his phone went off, it's shrill beeping breaking the silence of the dark room, it was safe to say that France was not amused. At all. But thankfully, the earsplitting beeps stopped and he breathed a sigh of relief burying his face in the pillow yet again. Though it seemed that fate wouldn't let him drift back into blissful sleep because his phone began to ring. With a loud and obviously annoyed groan, France picked up the cell and answered it. "What iz it?" he asked tersely as he sat up, England better had something important to say.

The door of the quiet house, nestled deep in the Australian outback barged open. Said australian looked up after reading the mass text to look at his little sister figure with a confused look. "Somethin' the matter Wy?" he asked, noticing the wild and unmasked excitement in her eyes. "A world meeting Aussie!" she said in delight, sitting on the arm of the couch that he was on. "Think that they're finally going to accept me as a real nation?" Wy asked, the small girl's excitement building up so much that it almost bubbled over and Australia laughed, ruffling her hair. The two of them too carefree to be suspicious. Well one was carefree, the other was too excited to care. "Probably." he said and the micro-nation laughed, already pulling out her cell phone and dialing Seborga's number, waiting anxiously for him to pick up.

Australia followed suit. After letting the koala onto his back and finishing off the tea that he had got from England, he pulled out his own phone. He really wasn't in the mood to get his own plane so he figured that he might as well hitch a ride with someone. Looking at his contacts, he stopped on one of his fellow ex-colonies and smiled to himself, calling his Canadian friend. Canada would be the best to mooch a ride off of. He waited for him to answer.

Finland had been on the way to Denmark's place for no other reason than he missed the blonde. He hadn't looked at his phone all morning, so he had no clue what was going on. After they had patched things up between him and the other Nordic's, Finland had become more used to Denmark's antics and had actually grown kind of fond of him, not that he liked him or anything, but he was a good friend. As he got close to the door, he could hear yelling, which was typical for the three occupants of the house. But as he opened the door, he sighed. Seeing Norway kick an unresponsive Denmark made him chuckle and sigh at the same time. "What is it that you two are doing?" He asked, half dreading the answer.

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497 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm

Estonia: *He watches her leave with a small smile on his face* ...you're welcome. *He gets up and goes to get dressed himself*

Spain: *He frowns but then smiles, changing tactics* But Roma, you shouldn't keep things bottled in, it's not good for you~!

Greece: *As he is walking, he bumps into Japan* Oh....hi Japan....

(hopefully she comes soon~!)

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498 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:04 pm

(Now we just need Breezy~!)
Latvia: Y-yeah okay... Let me go find something to wear for now I guess.. *Starts walking out but then stops* Thank you Estonia. *Smiles slightly and runs to her room to find something somewhat decent for the little while*

Romana:*Pushes his hand away*I-It's nothing! Now leave me alone! *Tries to hide the inner guilt with anger*

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499 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:58 pm

Estonia: Uhm, well... *He adjusts his glasses as he thinks, a slight blush dusting his cheeks as he looks at her* well we could stop by a mall and get you something...appropriate to wear.

Spain: Um, Roma? *He looks over at her looking concerned* is something the matter? *He places a hand on her shoulder*

(It's okay!)

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500 Re: REAL RP: World Meeting Summer 2013 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:42 pm

(Again, I apoligize for not being here T-T)
Japan:*Gets ready and starts heading to the location*

Latvia: I-I guess... *Realizes something and blushes slightly* Uh what should I wear...?

Romana: THANK GOD! *Slumps in a seat looking out the window, a slightly guilty look on her face, she can't forget what happened, but she was still pissed*

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