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Again just some birthday wishes but this time to Twincess~!

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Yeah just wanna say happy birthday Twincess! I'm so glad that we've become good role play friends and that we get to do pairings together~! Thanks again for doing my OPT with me heheh ^^" and yeah i know it's early but I just wanted to be nice! I hope you become a bigger fangirl as the future goes on! Stay awesome! 

-Otaku :3 
(Yeah it's lame I know >.<)

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Have a holly jolly(almost) birthday Twincess^^!!!!!!!!! I'm glad I've gotten to know you throughout these months, it's been great. Hope you get everything you've wanted and enjoy it all to the fullest:) you deserve it! Can't wait to role-play with you and get to know you better, but you're already amazing haha! Anywho, happy birthday again!


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Haha thanks so much guys! You're the best!
And yeah I know I'm getting a heck of a lot of merch from a friend, I just hope she knew I was kidding about actually wanting a cardboard cutout of England though...
Anyway, thanks again to all you guys! Smile

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Wahhhhh! Am I late? I hope not!
But happy birthday twincess! You were. One of the first few people I met.here and I really like you! I like all of you too so.... aha^^' but anyways have lots and lots of fUN but don't party too hard okay?

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Snowy: Nope, it's today actually! ^.^ And that's awesome, 'cause you're really cool too! I look forward to RPing with you and everyone else Very Happy

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HAPPY OFFICIAL BDAY TWINCESS! AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY! man how does it dad feel about that? XD

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haha doesn't mind much actually, we don't do much for father's day XD

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