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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BREEZY! (Sorry we're early ^^")

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Please put some b-day wishes to Breezy here~!

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Hey dere Breezy just wanna wish ya a happy birthday~! Sorry it's kinda early but I can't be here for the actual day of your b-day. I apologize for making this so goddamn cheezy too ^^". But I hope ya get a bunch of stupid crap that ya don't need but ya really want! XD Like Hetalia merch and Pokemon stuff that you'll grow out of when you're older, but I'm sure your kids will lurv it right? Ya like I said really cheezy, I'm no good at writing birthday cards >.<" But once again, wish ya a happy birthday and you're awesome dude!

-Otaku :3
(Ugh really cheezy I know! But I just wanted to be nice! ^//^""""""")

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*Explodes into rainbows*
Aww you're so sweet. :3
I Shall! obtain all the crap that I will hoard forevah!!
Thanks a bunchers Otaku~ your especially awesome yourself:D

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Hiya Breezy, and happy birthday!! Hope your day's the awesomest ever and you get all lots and lots of stuff because you're an awesome person who's awesome to chat with and awesome at rping and I just sounded like Prussia there, didn't I...No I swear he didn't hack me! (Though that'd be pretty cool to get a birthday wish from Prussia...) Anyway long story short, you're a fantabulous person and happy birthday to you!

~twincess ^.^

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Happy birthday Breezy!
Have a great one Wink You've been such a good friend and I really suck at all of these things but i hope you're birthday has been absolutely Awestastic. Hope you got everything you wanted and enjoy being 16 cause its only going to last for 365 more days so enjoy it while it lasts! you are one step closer to being an adult, and I dont wanna freak you out, but it's not going to be easy. So enjoy your teenagehood while it lasts and enjoy your ice cream and manga for as long as possible. 
Love ya lots~

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Thanks! To get a birthday wish from Prussia would be the best thing evan! Lol, thanks though(again)! You all are such great people:)

Ahhh~ depressing I dun wanna grow upppp! Blah,
But thanks Snowy~ you know I love me some ice creams (winkeh face) Wink

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